Every time I think of Ethiopia it brings a huge smile across my face. Reflecting back, it is one of my favorite memories.

It’s been exactly a week since we’ve arrived back in Sactown and I’m dying to go right back. Even when boarding the plane in Ethiopia I was trying to think of possible solutions to extend our visit. The trip was incredible and I would do it again, and again. Going on this trip has peaked my interest in other programs that travel abroad. I’m planning on traveling again next summer and doing community service through another program. I haven’t decided what country, let alone what continent I want to travel to next. Maybe I’ll return to Africa or try South America or Asia.

The transition has been harder than I expected, especially waking up and realizing that you no longer have a roommate. Not only will I desperately miss the country and people in Ethiopia, but also the 10 friends that I embarked the journey on with. It’s hard trying to share your experience with family and friends and not to do the image or experience your describing justice. It’s another thing when something reminds you of the trip and you turn to your side to laugh or talk about it with one of the 10 people you shared your trip with aren’t there sitting next to you. Thankfully, water polo and soccer have both started this week and have kept me busy because I would have been in my room sulking that I wasn’t in Ethiopia anymore.

I have already started saving for my return trip to Ethiopia, which will hopefully be very soon.


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